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As of July 19 th 2021 Covid changes

Attending the Centre

Upon arrival CGC will remain asking clients and children to wash their hands as they enter. As of 19.07.2021 you will not be required to wear a face covering unless there are special measures in place for your family.

  • Residential adults not to enter the building, they are to be met outside by CS and the beginning and end of the session (with the exception of handovers)

Hand Washing

  • Requesting adult(s) to wash hands as advised by the WHO, on arrival to the centre

  • Requesting adult to support child/children in washing hands, when the arrive in centre 

  • Adults and child(ren) to wash hands during and after the contact


Kitchen Use

  • All snacks/lunches any food in general will need to be prepared and ready to eat

  • Plates, cups, utensils will need to be brought in from home or disposable

  • All clients are required to take away all rubbish with them



  • Will be taken in centre on our devices, unless advised otherwise

Following Covid-19 how we schedule has changed and will remain changed,

CGC will send your allocated time each week of the session alongside your payment link requirement, All weekend session MUST be paid by 4 pm on the Friday prior otherwise the session will be cancelled. Week day sessions the payment must be cleared 24 hours prior.

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