Our servicing include:

• Transporting children

• Transporting of adults

• Supported sessions

• Supervised sessions

• Meeting room hire

• Handover service

• Letter box service

• Community sessions for supported & supervised

• Venue full day sessions (for weddings and other full day events)

• Assessment day sessions including a full written report for court.

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Our Handover services enables the safe handover of children from Residential adult to Non Residential adult. With a team member exchanging the child from one to the other, this ensures that the parties do not meet during this service.

The basic elements of supported contact are: 

● Impartiality.
● Staff and volunteers are available for assistance but there is no close observation, monitoring or evaluation of
individual contacts/conversations.
● Several families are usually together in one or a number of rooms.
● Encouragement for families to develop mutual trust and consider more satisfactory family venues.
● Apart from attendance dates and times, no detailed report will be made to a referrer. However please ask our team about our review process.

The basic elements of supervised contact are: 

● Impartiality
● Contact supervisors supervise & record the session using observation, monitoring interactions, responses to
other in the session & conversations
● One family per room for each supervised session
● Reports are made for the referrer.
● Review agreements are in place to where possible move the contact forward.

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Child Protection, Confidentiality & Aggressive Behaviour Policies are available for download here. For access to our full policies please speak to a team member.

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